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Leaders of the Nations
Grippli: Bullgup Tongesticker, a quite Bounty Hunter
Ratfolk: Nok the Greater, a heretic cleric
Halfling: Bilda Nettlewick, a noblewoman
Gnome: Pogglesprout, the tribal Cheiftain
Goblin: Sharptooth of Blisterthistle, the bandit lord

Grippli: Mostly keep to themselves, being shielded from the worst of the combat by the mountains that split the forest. Often serve as a neutral party, the Great Council takes place near their home swamps.
Ratfolk: Live in burrows deep in the woods, often clashing with those that would try to live above them. They have the largest army and are currently lead by a heretical cleric.
Halflings: Enemies of the Gnomes and Goblins with few settlements left inside the forest, they live in the plains and have the largest cities of any tribe.
Gnomes: Tribal culture, have enslaved a large part of the Goblin race. Vicious in war.
Goblin: Free Goblins are traveling bandits, stealing from whichever race is nearby.

- Elderwood Forest: This entire region of the world
- Blisterthistle: Northern tip of the Elderwood Forest, known for Spiders and Goblins
- Shantyirons: Rolling hills above Elderwood, mostly inhabited by Halfing towns. Raded often by Gnomes + Goblins
- The White Spire: An unnaturally cold, large mountain. Uninhabited by all 5 races, but legends say it is the home of the Dwarves.
- Grippohwi: A large swamp, home of the Grippli.

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